Solutions for Difficult Problems

It Is Time for the States to Unite and Reclaim Their Rights


It is very obvious that our K-12 public education is no longer providing our children the quality education we are paying for with our taxes; we have students that graduate from high school that can't read, write or pass the test to join the army; math and science education is around 16th in the world

Education is a very difficult topic in K-12 schools,
Pave the Way to Improvement

I don't know how much vouchers will reduce the cost of education, but it will stop having high school graduates that can’t pass the test to join the Army; this won’t happen at a private school. Our public schools are failing and it’s not because of money; you could double their budgets and it would not help.

If you think of education as a business; the business is to facilitate learning and give the students the knowledge to continue their education at a college or university or to join the work force in their chosen field or continue their training at a technical school in the field of their choosing.

The capitalist  system also works in education the same way it works in any other business; competition among schools for students. The schools that provide the best education for students will get more students and hire the best teachers; salary and bonuses are the incentive for teachers to provide the best education for their students.  Most importantly, students and parents have an opportunity to choose the school that best fits their needs and desires.

The parents must take responsibility for their child's behavior at school, public schools are having a difficult time with students that continuing to disrupt a class and parents that cause problems for the school and sometimes the administration if their child is suspended from school and administrators give in; this would not happen in a private school, the private school would suspend the student and make the student find another school to attend if that student was preventing other students from learning. That's competition at work!

 The Governor and the State Legislatures cancel all union contracts with state and local governments and public schools and make organized labor illegal. They should also make it illegal for employees to be forced to belong to a union and not force nonunion employees to pay union dues or just make organized labor illegal anywhere in the state. The government employees that negotiate union contracts with taxpayer money are not held accountable for the cost.

Improving their Education System

Teachers, Administrators and Professionals (everyone that got a raise thus school year) take a pay cut to keep from having a layoff an increase the number of students in class rooms. State and Local governments could do the same.

The Governor and the State Legislator should cancel all union contracts state and local governments and public school districts privatize pension plans. Wisconsin and Ohio have already repealed laws limit union power.

Start a transition to vouchers that would allow students to select a private school until the private schools reach capacity; this includes faith based schools and charter schools. This will also create a void in private schools that will be filled very quickly. Competition between public schools and private schools will a much higher quality education for the students; competition between private for students also help increase the quality of education and will be the primary reason for reducing the cost of education. Lowering the cost of education is good, but improving the quality is much more important thing. I look at education as a business that has one function and that is to graduate students with the best education possible.