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It Is Time for the States to Unite and Reclaim Their Rights


Founders"...I am committed against every thing which, in my judgement, may weaken, endanger, or destroy [the Constitution]..., and especially against all extension of Executive power: and I am committed against any attempt to rule the free people of this country by the power and the patronage of the Government itself."
                                                                                    --Daniel Webster

Our Founders wrote the Constitution to create a government with limited power, their intent is stated in the second paragraph of the Decoration of Independence; all the amendments have been initiated by Congress and the States have been ignored when the states ask for a convention.  

 Read the Decoration of Independence, mostly the work of Thomas Jefferson

Too many of the people we elected to represent us in Washington in the House and Senate have forgotten they are there to serve us.

Our economy is bad and getting worse; we have unions telling our governments how to spend taxpayers money; we have an educational system that don't educate our children as well as the did 30 years ago.

We are wasting our tax money on electric, solar or wind produced energy that are not practical when we have hydrogen fuel cells that work. The major automotive manufacturers already have cars that use hydrogen fuel cells. There are already buildings using hydrogen fuel cells producing electricity to run the whole building. The only thing needed is a distribution system.

Our Founding Fathers knew there would be need to change the Constitution, so the wrote Article V which describes the process to amendment it; there is a problem with the interpretation of Article V that have prevented the States from coming up with a proposed Constitutional Amendment

When I heard Obama's response to Joe the Plumber challenge Obama, I knew we would have a problem if Obama wins and all through the campaign he kept saying we don't want to continue with the same failed polices, we need change.; this was the one time Obama told the truth.  I never heard Obama say what those changes were and no one challenged him; but in different speeches and comments he made, to gave us pieces of the changes but I didn't connect the dots.

Now 2 1/2 years later we know his agenda which is to abandon the Constitution, the Constitution Obama said it "makes it hard to govern". We have to consider the possibility that Obama will sabotage the election or manipulate the results Sooner or later the Military will have to decide if they are going to follow Obama's orders and kill US Citizens like in the middle east or back the States and we still don't know if Obama has a Civilian Security Force he has talked about. I can only think of one reason he wanted Civilian Security Force and it's not to protect our borders; he need them to keep the States inline and no telling how much help he will get Muslims he has helped in their revolutions. I don't know how far Obama is prepared to go but we do now he and his followers continue to lie and many working people believe him because of media bias they don't hear the other side.

Some of the things we do know are: